North Central Livestock Exchange Inc.

Vermilion, Alberta
Cattle Auction Market







12:00 pm


Dusty Rose Ranch - Rick & Darlene Borysiuk of Vermilion, AB 

250 Red & Red Baldy heifers bred to Black Angus bulls, heifers start calving March 10th for 60 days.

100 Red & Red Baldy cows bred to Red Simm bulls, cows are 3-6 years old. Cows are to start calving in March. 



Complete Herd Dispersal for Malcolm Henderson of Mannville

·       60 Red and Tan X cows bred to Charolais or Angus bulls. To start calving March 1st to the end of May 


Bar Cross Roads Ranch of Edam

90 mostly home grown RWF and Red Baldies Simm cross heifers

Bred to Red Angus bulls for 55 days; Heifers on full herd health program

For more information call Steve at 306-441-8281


Bob & Shelley Dyck of St. Lina, AB

April 20th calving 

·        16 Black Angus Bulls

·        175 Bred heifers, Black Angus

·        150 2nd calving cows, Angus X

·        100 3rd calving cows, Angus X


L & J Farms of Leduc

75 Speckle Park bred to Speckle Park or Black Angus bulls.

Coming with their second calves; to start calving Mid April

For more information call Leo at 780-940-1135


Complete herd dispersal for Leo & Claria Cadrain of Glaslyn

Consisting of 50 Black heifers, 50 2nd calvers, 30 3rd calvers and 80 5-9 year olds

Bred to Black Angus Bulls

For more information call Denis @ 306-342-7804

Dave & Holly Mielke of Iron River

70 Red Angus cross heifers, 20 are bred to Black Angus, 50 bred to Red Angus

Start calving April 1st for 45 days

For more information call Dave or Holly @ 780-826-2697