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Vermilion, Alberta
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Bred Cow & Heifer Sale






12:00 pm


Complete Herd Dispersal of 240 bred cows & heifers from Tim & Allison Thompson of St. Lina, Alberta 

Bred heifers, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th calvers. Cows & heifers bred to Black Angus bulls; start calving March 21st. Also 10 Black Angus herd bulls from LLB Angus, Creeches and OLE Farms. 

 For more information call Tim at 587-201-2985

100 Black cows 4th-7th calvers bred Black Angus, 100 home raised black heifers bred to Black Angus. All calving Mid April from Bob Wilson of Vermilion, AB 

50 Red Simm X cows bred to Red Simm Bulls. Start calving April 15th for 45 days. From Rocking Heart Ranch

60 red White FAce Simm X cows bred to red Simm bulls. Start calving MArch 20th for 60 days. Full herd health, majority of cows are 4-6 years. From Bar Cross Roads of Edam, Sk.

For more information call Steve at 306-441-8281

Tim Thompson

Tim Thompson Cows & Bulls

Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson Cows 

Bob Wilson Heifers