North Central Livestock Exchange Inc.

Vermilion, Alberta
Cattle Auction Market

Bred Cow & Heifer Sale




12:00 pm


Last Bred Cow & Heifer Sale of 2018!

*Frank Wilson Athabasca, AB 

Complete dispersl of 2nd calvers, bred to Black Simm bulls for May calving.

Pictures to come.

Shawn Robinson 

Red and RBF heifers bred to Angus bulls for start of March calving,

Black & BBF Heifers bred Angus for start of April calving.

All calving for 60 days.

Dusty Kwiatkowski - info to follow 

For more info please call Len Hrehorets 780-991-6737 or Roland Goertz at 780-656-0506 or Hugh Ross at 780-581-7558

Shawn Robinson