North Central Livestock Exchange Inc.

Vermilion, Alberta
Cattle Auction Market

Bred Cow & Heifer Sale


NCL Vermilion




12:00 pm


Dale Corbeil complete herd dispersal of 200 + home raised Simm X cows

Little Willow Creek 200 home raised Simm X bred heifers

Westgold Farms 50 purebred Simmiental bred heifers

M.C. Quantock 150 Super Baldie bred heifers

4 E Holdings 50 Simm X Red Angus heifers

Marie Farms 80 home raised Red Angus X Simm bred heifers

Dale Corbeil

Bred Heifers

Bred to Charolais or Red Simm Bulls

Bulls out June 5th

Start calving March 15, 2017

Full herd health

Second Calvers


Heifer Bulls


Little Willow Creek

200 home raised Simm X bred heifers

Bred to Angus bulls

Calving March 2017

Zeotis health program


4 E HOLDINGS- Gary & Lori Erixon

Simmental X Angus Heifers

Full herd health program


Red Angus Bull

Bulls in June 2nd out late August

M.C. Quantock

These are the sisters of all our indusrty leading hybrid bulls. Super Baldies (Red Angus X Simm) Black Super Baldies (Black Angus X Simm) Super Guppies (Red Angus/ Black Angus/ Gelbvieh) No where else can you buy true first generation F-1 crossbreds produced from our purebred cows and the best Fleckvieh Simmental and Gelbvieh bulls money can buy. One third are bug older "30 Month" extra age heifers. Maximum hybrid vigor and uniformity. These heifers are the real deal and what you really need. They're bred to our reliable calving ease red & black angus and hereford bulls for a trouble free first calf. Group of hlalf sisters "one-iron" unique genetics.



150 Super Baldie Heifers

Bulls out Jine 21st

Calving for April 3rd

Tellier Bar LD Ranch

50 Home raised Reds & Blacks

Bred to M.C Quantock Red & Black Angus Bulls

Start calving March 10th to April 30th

Pyramid 5 health program

Year round mineral program


Maire Farms

Home raised

Bred to Black Angus bulls

Calving March 20 - May 31

Merle & Mark Blair

65 Home raised red angus cows coming with second calves

Bred to Lewis Farms black simm bulls

Start calving April 1st

Very uniform set of young cows