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Cattle Auction Market

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PreSort Internet Calves starting @ 9:30 am and regular sales run every Wednesday with cows and bulls to follow.

Please prebook your presort cattle. All presort animals need to be in by 4pm the day prior to the sale.

In addition, we will run feature PreSort, Bred Cow and Heifer, Bull, and Special sales throughout the year.

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"Our Commitment to our valued producer"

North Central Livestock Exchange Inc is located just south of the town of Vermilion, Alberta, south of Highway 16 and in the heart of Canada's leading agricultural and ranching area. North east Alberta and north west Saskatchewan is well known to be home to some outstanding cattle herds, both purebred and commercial. We truly are in "Cattle Country"!
In 2015, North Central Livestock Exchange Inc {Len and Lisa Hrehorets) purchased the current market from NBI and made NCL Canada's largest privately owned and operated auction market. Len and staff have worked hard to upgrade, expand and streamline the market to serve and benefit our customers. In the Fall of 2018, NCL added the "Pro Sort Barn", a fully automated cattle sorting and weighing system. This new addition drastically increases sorting and weighing capacity, and along with our 2 existing weigh systems, we can sort and weigh your prebooked cattle quickly and efficiently with less shrink and stress on your calves.
We are proud to say we have the largest capacity of feed and water pens in the country. We keep all our pens bedded with woodchips and fresh straw, round bale feeders in large feed pens, and fresh clean water in an feed and water pens. You bring your cattle in clean and we ship them out clean. We also have one of the largest cement and covered sorting areas. If the weather doesn't agree we can always accommodate your cattle in a dry and safe area.
Our dedicated staff takes pride in sorting and handling your cattle in a quiet, stress free environment like you would at home on the ranch. We respect that this is your livelihood, and we will work hard at looking after ii professionally for you. NCL does everything possible to advertise and promote your cattle for sale to as many buyers as possible. We are proud to have one of the strongest, experienced and powerful front row of buyers in North America as well as full internet coverage through the DLMS system. At North Central Livestock Exchange Inc we not only strive to get your business, but we respect that you have chosen us to handle your livestock. We are 100% dedicated to marketing your livestock to the highest potential. If we can be of any assistance or if you require an on farm visit by one of our fieldmen please give us a call at the market.

We look forward to working for you.