North Central Livestock Exchange Inc.

Vermilion, Alberta
Cattle Auction Market

Open Consignment Bred Cow & Heifer sale




12:00 pm


Call the market or one of our fieldmen today to pre book your bred cows or heifers! All cows and heifers will be pregnancy tested / palpated at the market the day prior to the sale. We would apperciate having all females in by 12PM on Thursday. Please indicate on the manifest breeding dates, breed of bulls and any vaccinations the cows have recieved!

Marshall Soroka & Family

Marshall Soroka & Family - Herd Reduction


60 middle aged cows bred to Charolais  bulls

25 heifers bred Red Angus

Due to start calving beginning of March

Have had two scour shots and are on a full herd health program. 

Shapka Farms

Shapka Farms

80 Simmental Angus cross cows (half Red & RBF - half Blk & BBF)

Bred to Black or Red Simmental bulls for March 1st calving



Shapka Cows

Shapka Farms Heifers


40 bred heifers (RBF, Red, Blk, BBF)

Bred to Angus bulls to start calving April 20th 

Terry Prockiw

Terry Prockiw - Smoky Lake, AB

Red, RBF, Blk, BBF cows Bred to Red Simmental Bulls

To start calving April 25th 


Terry Prockiw


Alcor Farms

7 3rd calving cows bred to Black Angus bulls for March 25th calving.

6 heifers bred to a low birthweight Simmental bull (73lb) for March 25th calving.

All animals have recieved full herd health.